31 December 2008

bags for BBF (prototype)

some custom bags that we did for the BBF (black Bird, Fly) :D

29 December 2008

the three albums

ah.. i guess no one comes to my blog anymore.. since i havent been posting. :D

was walking around today and somehow ended up in a music store..
had to urge to buy some music cds... looked up some old school bands that i once used to cover their music.. 'try'..

Anyway, albums i've gotten..

Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight
refreshing. very different from their previous albums. the 'anger' wasn't really in this album.. less screams, shouts.. very little raps too. Overall, it's still great. A little disappointed, cos being used to the previous album, I was expecting probably a different feel on the music than wat this album gave..

Metallica - Death Magnetic
ah.. metallica!! old school heavy metal stuffs. used to enjoy their albums so much, until the Load and Reload albums, which they kinda switched to a more alternative side. short hair hetfield, wearing other colour clothings (instead of black), a Gibson Les Paul rather than an Explorer in the MTV..
anyway, i'm glad i gave this album a try. It's great!! all the heavy stuffs .. are back. :D

Guns n Roses - Chinese Democracy
ok.. yes, i've been complaining to some of you guys on msn... yes, this is probably the reason why I'm blogging about the CDs i bought.

i am disappointed with this album!!!

it's said to be the most expensive album ever made. an album in the making since 13 yrs ago.. but hell.. i really dunno how to express myself on this..
firstly, guns and roses.. wat's guns and roses when the 'GUNS' are no longer there? this album, solely.. Axl Rose.. no Slash, no Duff and the rest of the gang. That doesnt make GNR!
the music, is not at all great too. nothing compared to Use Your Illusion, Appetite for Destruction.. oh no.. wait .. you wouldnt even wanna compare this album with those..

16 October 2008

8storeytree goes international

yep. we've added the paypal option, and various shipping methods. Shipping cost is calculated based on weight.

So spread the word. :D